Because we believe that every boat owner just wants a fair job...

It's really not that much to ask for.

You just want someone to show up when they are supposed to, do what they are supposed to and be honest and fair with the price.

As mechanics, sometimes we have news you don't want, and believe us when we say we hate to give you bad news. However, we'll never lie to you. We will be upfront with you 100%. 

We want "Motonautica" to be synonymous with "honest" 

​​Because we have an amazing team of techs that focus on what they love...

And they happen to love a very important piece of your vessel. 

We only focus on the mechanical aspects of the marine industry. This means that every time you need us, you'll have a mechanic. Not an AC guy, not a fiberglass guy, but an oil-bleeding, wrench-turning, torque-obsessed engine guy.

You wouldn't want a plastic surgeon doing a heart transplant. Don't ask a one-stop-shop to deal with your engines. 

Why choose Team Motonautica over anyone else?

​​Because we want to change the way you think about boat mechanics...

When someone says "boat mechanic" what comes to mind? 

Probably not what we want you to think of us. We want to change the common ideas about us and replace them with something more positive. We want you to be proud to be our customer. When everybody else is sharing horror-stories, we want you to brag.​ (Just a little)

Our techs work hard for their reputation - and they strive to make it the best it can be.